« Make sure that the entrepreneurs and company leaders are making the right decision at the right time thanks to a relevant risks analysis, and assist them in the execution of this decision, in a simple and efficient way »
is All in. Avocats’s goal in the interest of the entrepreneurs and company leaders, thanks to its founding partner’s experience both as an in-house counsel and attorney.

2 complementary backgrounds in business law

Founding partner of All in. Avocats law firm, Caroline LECORNUÉ is fully graduated in business law.

After a French LLM in Business Law (“Master II – DJCE – Diplôme de Juriste Conseil d’Entreprise”) at the University of Rennes (2004) and a Certificate of Specialization in Corporate Law at the University of Montpellier (2004), she first assisted entrepreneurs and company leaders “in vivo”.

During 10 years, she assisted on and implemented legal strategies for companies in various sectors (manufacturing, distribution, services, logistics) as in-house counsel, then as the Head of the Legal Department, and finally as Director of Legal Affairs.

Fond of business, innovation, and being herself an entrepreneur, she then decided in 2015 to provide assistance to entrepreneurs and company directors as an external legal counsel.

With this respect, she passed the Paris bar exam (“Certificat d’Aptitude à la Profession d’Avocat/CAPA”) in 2015 and followed a training session in alternative dispute resolution methods (Collaborative Process) in 2016.

After working for 4 years as an associate in a Parisian business law firm, and then becoming a partner for 2 years, she founded All in. Avocats in 2021 in her own image, to put her energy, creativity and values at the service of entrepreneurs and company leaders.

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« Making use of legal aspects as an art for businesses’ goals achievement is a daily exciting challenge ! »


Founding Partner, All in. Avocats

Dedicated partners to meet all your needs

In order to have a global approach of your needs, All in. Avocats has built up a network of trusted and responsive lawyers with complementary expertise (labour law, tax law, intellectual property law, inheritance law, transport and construction law, artists’ commercial law, town planning and environmental law, etc.).

Caroline Lecornué, founding partner of All in. Avocats, is notably at the origin of the Projects Pub (“Bar aux Projets”), which brings together independent lawyers to support businessmen and women at 360°.

More broadly, in order to assist you efficiently, All in. Avocats works with other specialists in the context of missions requiring multiple skills (chartered accountants, bailiffs, notaries, surveyors, etc.).

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