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In accordance with articles 13 and 14 of the European General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) and article 32 of the French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978 (“Loi Informatique et Libertés du 6 janvier 1978”), All in. Avocats is extremely concerned by your privacy and the protection of your personal data.


“Cookies” means text files that websites save on users’ computers or telephones.  They enable to know the details of Users’ visits to the Site and their actions and preferences, and more precisely their names, language, type of browser and display parameters for a given period of time.  They facilitate and optimise Users’ navigation on the Site.

“Personal Data” means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person, in particular personal identifiers (surname, first name, gender and title, date of birth, age, address, postcode, e-mail, company, position within the company and telephone number), and information relating to the processing of e-mails and communications sent to Users.

“Data Controller” means All in. Avocats, registered at the Paris Trade and Companies Register under n°848 132 502 and whose registered office is located 90, rue d’Amsterdam 7500 Paris – France – +33 1 73 77 82 40.

– « Site » means

“User” means any person accessing the Site who is concerned by the use of his or her Personal Data.


All in. Avocats may collect and process Personal Data to ensure the management, follow-up and invoicing of the services offered by the Platform, as well as prospecting, under the following conditions:



Legal basis

Categories of data


Duration of the storage period 

Prospecting, workshops and news of All in. Avocats

Legitimate interests of All in. Avocats

Identity, civil status, addresses, personal and/or professional life

Clients, Prospects, guests

3 years

Processing of the files and management of the relationship

Performance of pre-contractual measures and legitimate interest of All in. Avocats


Duration of the contractual relationship + statute of limitations

Invoicing and accountancy

Compliance with provisions of the regulation

Identity, civil status, details, business and financial information

End of the financial year when the invoice was issued + 10 years

Credit collection of the Fees

Until the entire payment of the fees

Prevention against the money laundering, funding of terrorism and fight against corrupt practices

Termination of contractual relationships with All in. Avocats + 5 years


Personal Data are collected on the basis of the consent of the User in order to pursue their legitimate interests in order to improve the services offered by All in. Avocats and commercial prospecting

All in. Avocats undertakes to obtain the User’s consent in the event when the processing of the User’s Personal Data had a different purpose.

If the assigned missions require it, sensitive Personal Data in the meaning of the applicable regulation may be processed, in particular when they are necessary;

    •  For the acknowledgement, enforcement or defense of a legal right in front of a Court
    • For the execution of obligations and the exercise of rights specific to the data controller or the person concerned

The Personal Data processed are dedicated to All in.  Avocats to authorised persons of the law firm and their service providers which are providing services in relation with the assigned missions.


The Personal Data are stored for the purposes for which they are collected and processed in a register held by the Data Controller as soon as the User contacts them, including in the event of the­ issuance of a simple quotation or an appointment, and this for a period of 13 months from the last legal or judicial deed drafted by All in.  Avocats.


In accordance with the European Regulation of 27 April 2016 (n°2016/679), the User has:

    • a right of access, rectification, limitation, data portability and erasure of his or her Personal Data
    • the right to object at any time, due to their particular situation, to the processing of Personal Data based on the legitimate interest of All in.Avocats
    • a right to object to the commercial prospecting
    • a right to give general and specific instructions in order to determine the way he or she wants his or her rights to be exercised after their death

, by e-mail at the following address :, accompanied by a signed identity document.

Finally, the User is also entitled to the portability of his or her Personal Data.  The Users may revoke at any time for the future his or her consent to the processing and use of Personal Data.

For any questions on this subject or to exercise the above-mentioned rights,

The User may also file a complaint towards the French supervisory authority, namely the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés:

3, place de Fontenoy
TSA 80715 75334
Paris Cedex
07 01 53 73 22 22


All in. Avocats guarantees that the Personal Data will not be transferred to third parties, except if required by legal or regulatory provisions, or if the User has given his or her express consent.

It is not possible to publish or sell Personal Data of the Users.


The provisions herebelow relating to cookies may be modified or amended at any time in the event of regulatory or legal changes, case law changes, changes of the CNIL decisions and recommendations or usages changes.

Any new version of this article will be brought to the attention of the User by substituting the new version of the policy for the previous version.

A cookie (also called in French “traceur” – tracker- or “témoin de connexion” – connecting trace-) is a text file that may be stored by your browser on your terminal (telephone, tablet, computer) connected to the Internet when you visit a website.  The terminal containing the cookie can thus be identified by the issuer of this cookie during its period of validity.

The information stored consist of the User’s navigation on the Site by recording the terminal identification code but do not enable the User can not be identified personally. Only the issuer of a cookie may read or modify the information contained therein.

Cookies provide an additional service to the User, each with a different purpose:


Categories of cookies


Type of cookies installed

Specific features of each of the cookies on the Site

Technical cookies

Necessary for the navigation on the Site and simplification of its use

Choice cookies

Record the choice of the Users on the deposit of the tracers

Authentication and secure cookies


Identify the User when accessing the Site  Detect authentication abuse (account creation, identification, information entered on certain forms, comment fields, etc.).

Media player cookies

Store technical data and enable to read video or audio content, while browsing.

Content sharing plug-in

Sharing content between members connected to a social media

Customisation of the user interface

Identify the User’s browser by recording the way it is used on the Site and avoid the User having to enter information each time he or she accesses the Site (e.g. choice of language).

Functional cookies

Not necessary to navigate on the Site, but recommended for use to the User to enhance their experience on the Site

Statistics cookies

To improve the interest, content, ergonomics of the Site and the services offered according to the success of the various pages with Users by saving information such as the dates of visits to the Site, its frequency of use and the times of connection.

Some of the cookies are linked to the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the connection terminal, which enables to know the city from which the User is connected.

Marketing cookies

Save the Users’s navigation habits.

Analysis cookies

Analyze the audience on the Platform


Cookies installed by third parties

All in. Avocats is not responsible for the duration and lifetime of the 3rd party cookies.
The User is invited to read the policy of each of these third party service providers.  Indeed, the Site has no control over these cookies.

For example, on some pages and articles of the Platform, there are buttons of third party social media that allow the User to use the features of these social media and in particular to share the content of the Site or the User experience with other people by clicking for example on “Like” or “Share” buttons.



The social media or site providing such an application button may identify the User thanks to this button, even if the User does not click on it when consulting the Site.  However, this button may allow the social media concerned to follow the User’s browsing on the Site, simply because the User’s account on the social media concerned is active on his or her terminal (open session).

Cookies of these social media that All in. Avocats has no control over may be deposited in the User’s browser.  The User is invited to read the privacy policies particular to each of these social media, in order to be aware of the purposes of use of the navigation information that the social media may collect thanks to these buttons and modules:

Advertising cookies, which All in. Avocats has no control over, may be deposited by Google on the User’s terminal when browsing the Site, The User is invited to consult Google’s privacy policy in order to be aware of the purposes for which the navigation information that Google may collect are used.

Their purpose is to send the User personalised advertisements adapted to his or her expectations.

No Personal Data such as the User’s surname, first name, postal or e-mail address, etc. will be transmitted to these third party partners whose intervention on the Site is limited to the deposit of cookies through the advertising content they manage.

What shall we do if we do not want to have cookies installed?

An information banner is displayed when the User first connects to the Site in order to inform him or her prior to navigation of the deposit of cookies on his or her terminal.  By ticking the accept button on the “Cookies banner” and continuing to browse the Site, the User gives his or her consent to the deposit of cookies on his or her terminal.

The User acknowledges he or she has been duly informed of their existence, their purposes, the possibility to make opposition to their deposit and change the parameters. The User may withdraw his or her consent at any time and oppose the use and deposit of some or all cookies by setting his or her Internet browser.

The User is informed that his or her refusal to deposit certain cookies is likely to hinder his or her navigation on the Site or to impact his or her User experience: an absolute setting will prevent the proper operation of sections of the website

Who are the recipients of the Personal Data collected through cookies?

Personal Data collected by means of cookies deposited on the Site are transmitted to All in.Avocats, its partners and third parties such as social media.

What is the duration of storage of cookies?

Cookies have a duration of validity of maximum 13 months.

The consent of the User will be requested again at the end of this period by displaying the information banner the next time he or she browses the Site.

How can you prevent cookies from being stored?

If the User does not want cookies to be deposited on his or her terminal, he or she can set his or her browser to prevent some or all of the cookies from being downloaded to his or her terminal (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.).

The User is informed that the setting of cookies depends on each browser.  The following refers to a non-exhaustive list of the settings processes of several browsers:

Depending on the type of browser, the User may also activate the private browsing mode or the “Do Not Track” setting of his or her browser.

For mobile terminals, the following links can be consulted:

If the terminal is used by several users or has several Internet browsers on which the User works, it is possible that the cookie settings are not permanently taken into account, depending on the use of another browser that has not been set, for example because a third party has changed the User’s personal settings.

The Site is not able to prevent these external elements nor to guarantee the durability of the choices that the User has initially expressly set up.

If the user uses different terminals to access the Site (smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.), the preferences shall be set on each terminal.

In accordance with the French Data Protection Act (“Loi Informatique et Libertés”) of January 6 1978, the User has a right of access to his or her Personal Data.



All in. Avocats takes all necessary precautions and appropriate measures to preserve the security of Users’ Personal Data and to prevent it from being distorted or damaged, or from unauthorised access.

Personal Data are secured by protected and secured premises and IT system.


The privacy policy is governed by French Law. In case of litigation and there is no amicable settlement, the Court of Appeal of Paris shall be competent.

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